Bank returns – what are they about?

According to the Credit Checker data, i.e. the Credit Information Bureau, in the middle of last year (data as of June 30, 2018), the total number of people with a cash loan is over 8.1 million. The amount of cash loans is USD 159 billion. We are one of the fastest indebted societies in Europe.

It turns out that many consumers also decide to consolidate, i.e. repay their current debt with another loan. Here for banks, the stairs begin …

Pursuant to the Act on consumer credit of December 18, 2011, everyone who has repaid the loan earlier – is entitled to a refund of the commission which he paid while taking the loan. The term “repaid” also includes consolidation – because consolidating a loan is paying off another one. Bank refunds should be proportional to the time remaining.

Bank returns and early loan repayment

Bank returns and early loan repayment

Anna took a loan for USD 100,000 for 5 years. The commission was 15% of the cost of the loan, i.e. USD 15,000.

2.5 years – after this time Mrs. Anna managed to repay the whole commitment.

The bank should return half of the commission charged to it, because it repaid its loan twice earlier, i.e. USD 7,500 of bank commission refund.

Bank returns and consolidation

Mr. Jon took a loan of USD 100,000 for 10 years. The commission was 10%.

After one year, the loan was consolidated with another loan.

The loan was repaid 90% faster – Mr Jan should receive a USD 9,000 bank commission refund.

The examples are of course the simplest to best illustrate what sums are referred to here. It is worth knowing that the commissions charged by banks could be up to 30%.

Banks are silent about commission returns


They are silent because they have no other choice. Either they will sit quietly or they will have to give back the money they have earned on unaware customers. Fortunately, both the Financial Ombudsman and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection spoke on this topic – banks MUST give money to customers!

Bank refunds – how to check if you belong?

  1. The loan was taken after December 18, 2011. and was a cash loan.
  2. He was repaid ahead of time – either in cash or consolidation
  3. He was contracted to a natural person and not to a company
  4. The bank charged a commission

If you can answer YES to all points – you deserve the money! Your money!

How to fight for bank returns? How to recover the commission paid?


Of course, you can try on your own. First, a complaint at the bank, which 100% will not be considered your way. Banks have already created response letters. Virtually no one reads the complaint in the bank, and the answers are sent from the machine. Later, you have to set up a case in court, and that comes with extra costs. Then hearings, nerves and lost time,


… it is much easier to contact us! We will handle the whole matter for you! You won’t lose time in court or incur the costs of running a case! We will take care of everything.

The salary depends on whether we win the case or not. That’s why we stick to our work because if you don’t get your money back, you won’t pay us.

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